Certificate Description

Otherlang offers certificates based on writing skills practice.

Several programmes

Several programmes depending on your practice skills level (standard, confirmed, expert) and on a type of language (general, sector-specific, specialised) are available.
For each progamme an OtherLang Certificate of Practice is delivered.
The language practice is based on articles, quizzes and surveys whose topics and level depend on the certificate you have chosen ( general, sector-specific, specialized). The Certificate is made up of 25 editions with 5 contents each.


Using your smartphone or computer, practice consists in reading each content, answering questions, chatting with other users. The certificate mainly assesses diligence and the amount of work done, with 3 requirement levels symbolised by stars.
Scoring is calculated as you go through the editions; the highest score is 500 points but to earn your certificate you have to score at least 350 points.


Specialisation gives you the opportunity to practice in a more specific or technical language.
Level Description
General News on all types of topics
Sector Law, Health, Economics and Management, Social and Human Sciences, Sciences and Technologies, Arts and Literature, Sports
Speciality Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Logistics, Medecine, Business Law, Engineering, Construction, Information Technology, Aeronautics, etc…


You can choose a duration of 6 or 12 months to earn your certificate. Either way, the number of editions does not change.

At a glance

With diligence and efforts naturally and efficiently combined, Otherlang will make practising a language more obvious and spontaneous.